Lose Weight And Lose The Blues

Lose Weight And Lose The Blues

Losing weight is not just about vanity, it is about your physical health as well as your mental health. When you are overweight your self esteem will drop which in turn will put you in a bad mood. Also your body can not function at normal capacity and we know the connection between your physical and mental health.

Being overweight will also reduce your chances of attracting the opposite sex, by now you are beginning to understand that being happy and healthy. Losing your sex appeal due to being overweight is particularly prevalent in women, if you do not have the money to invest in the best weight loss program for women then be sure to check out the tips below….

There are lots of tested-and-proven approaches to slimming down. Starving yourself isn’t one of them. Always go for methods that wont jeopardize your health at the end of the day. Okay? Lucky for you, down below is a collection of ten awesome activities, which intend to help you achieve the target weight in, say, a couple of months. Read on!

  1. big plate of foodCut that huge serving. If the plate you’ve been accustomed to having always had chock-full of food, well you got to cut it off till the serving looks healthily smaller. This thing also applies to your beverages. Prefer smaller cups or mugs.
  2. Eat more vegetables! You don’t like veggies?   Fine, but you kind of need to force yourself to eat them ASAP. Their high fiber content will aid you in shedding that stubborn fat. Have a bowl of salad at least once a day (to start with). Munch on tomatoes and carrots as if they’re bacon and hotdog.
  3. Cereal. Did you know that those who have cereal for breakfast are less likely to go big in weight or obese? It is massive in calcium and fiber, but never in fat. Have cereal sessions five days a week and you’re on your way to looking sexy.
  4. Keep a journal of ALL your eating exploits. Take note of what you’re eating and how much you’re gobbling up. According to numerous studies, those who make diaries of their eating habits end up consuming 15 % less calories compared to those who pig out like it’s nobody’s business.
  5. Your stomach should be grumbling before you start eating. Once that stomach lets out a growl that would put Christina Aguilera’s to shame, that’s when you’d know that you actually need food. If this didn’t happen yet, you got to stay put wherever you are and keep distance from the edibles. Sometimes, you’re just bored, but you always tend to equate it to your being hungry.
  6. Apple, peppermint or banana—sniff out and you’d lose weight. In a study conducted by Alan R. Hirsch, M.D. of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (which included 3,000 volunteers), it was found out that the more you sniff one of the stuff mentioned above, the lesser the possibility that you become hungry. In effect, you lose weight.
  7. stairs are good exerciseMake use of the stairs. What are these staircases for? They will help you slim down. Move up and down that flight of steps 10 minutes a day and you’d witness awesome results! Try it.
  8. Walk that walk. Brisk walking is one of the many simple ways to lose weight. Saunter wherever possible for 20 minutes on a daily basis, and you’d gradually see that flab fade till it’s gone. Instead of snacking, why not take part in this?
  9. Brushing your teeth is not merely just it. It does not only give you a much cleaner teeth and a fresher breath, but it also tends to normalize your food intake. Because when you finally got that minty feel in your mouth, your brain sort of reminds you like this: “Hey, you’ve already had enough!” Isn’t it amazing?
  10. couch potatoeLess TV, more sexy. Don’t be a couch potato if you want to look better in no time. Getting stuck watching TV all day means the beginning of your weight struggle. Get up and do some physical activities that could possibly eliminate the calories you carry inside your body.

There they are, staring at you like losing weight is now or never. Are you ready to fight the bulge? You’re good to go!

If you have tried all that and are still not having any success then watch the fat sick and nearly dead documentary, trust me when you watch it you will know what I am talking about…

Gut Flora Has An Impact On Your Mental Health Too

Gut Flora Has An Impact On Your Mental Health Too

The discovery of antibiotics has done wonders in the progress on modern medicine. Health professionals were so fascinated with the drug-based approach to all infections. They thought that they have totally won against the battle with infections. Good old remedies were forgotten. However, the abuse of antibiotic drugs paved the way to the increase of antibiotic resistant superbugs.

What’s worse is the effect they have on your gut flora and recent studies have shown a link between gut bacteria and depression from the overuse of antibiotics. They are in the meat that we eat and are being over prescribed by doctors.

The dependence on drug based treatment of infections also lead to compromised gastrointestinal function and different kinds of autoimmune diseases. Even just a single course of antibiotics may cause long lasting damage to the gut flora.


Drug based antibiotics should only be used for emergency situations as a last option. For trivial infections, nature provides effective alternatives. Here is a list of natural antibiotics which will treat different kinds of infections.

  1. Oregano Oil

Of the 40 available species of oregano, Origanum vulgare and Thymus capitatus are the best. Dr. Mercola listed conditions which will be treated by oregano oil.

  1. Foot or nail fungus. Drop a few teaspoons of oregano oil in a small basin with water and soak your feet. One drop of oregano oil can also be mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil and apply directly to affected area.
  2. Parasites and Infections. Mix one drop of oregano oil with a teaspoon of olive oil and apply it under your tongue. Rinse after a few minutes. Do it four times daily.
  3. Sinus Infections. Drop oregano oil in a container of steaming water and inhale the steam.
  4. Cayenne Pepper is a spice long known for its healing capacity and antibacterial effects. The spice is effective in the treatment of vulvovaginitis, an infection affecting women. It may cause burning sensation upon skin contact so it’s important to use a diluent such as olive oil. Cayenne pepper also helps relieve strep throat.
  5. Colloidal Silver is a very strong natural antibiotic recommended only for external infections like swimmer’s ear and skin infections. Ingesting colloidal silver may damage the gut’s natural flora.
  6. Concentrated grapefruit seed extract is helpful in the treatment of warts. It is also effective in the treatment of other diseases caused by gram-positive organisms.
  7. Garlic kills bacteria, fungus and viruses without harming the good bacteria in our gut. It is effective as weight control agent, antioxidant and anthelminthic. Garlic contains Vitamins B, C and minerals. The ingredient allisin found in garlic is potent antibiotic against MRSA.
  8. Researches prove that ginger contains antibacterial effects against food borne pathogens such as salmonella, listeria and campylobacter.
  9. Ronald Hoffman said that the potency of olive leaf extract as healing agent was discovered in the 1800’s for malaria. It is best known for its antipyretic effect.
  10. Turmeric is great natural remedy for Helicobacter pylori found in ulcers. Dr. Kelly Brogan even uses it for her holistic psychiatry practice.
  11. Echinacea is an herb effective against infections affecting the respiratory system. Other diseases treated by Echinacea includes UTI, vaginal yeast infections, genital herpes, septicemia, gingivitis,
  12. Manuka Honey is the best type of honey for fighting infections. According to Dr. Mercola, it has been proven that Manuka honey is effective against more than 250 types of bacteria.
  13. Pau d’ Arco is an herb highly effective for resolving Candida infections. It counteracts fungal overgrowth.

Your Physical Health Directly Impacts Your Mental Health

Your Physical Health Directly Impacts Your Mental Health

Most people downplay the effect that your physical health has on your mental health. Sure most people would agree that if you are constantly stressed it will be detrimental to your body, for example accelerating the aging process,increasing your blood pressure and weakening your immune system.

So it would make sense that if you are happy then your positive mental health will effect your body in a positive way and vice versa.

Cliché as it is, but health is wealth. If all of your body systems are in good shape and in tiptop condition, there’s just nothing that you can’t do. You can get the job done and you can have fun after a hard day’s work without ailments getting in your way.

It all boils down to lifestyle. If you’re living a kind of life that upholds your well-being, you are going to be hale and hearty no matter what. What’s great is that you can start anytime you want to. You wouldn’t even need to pay for it.

Following are eight beneficial practices that could surely make you healthy. They don’t require that much effort on your part. As long as you’re all set and ready to take on the challenge, you’re good to go!

  1. sugarConsume less sugar. This doesn’t mean that you got to stay away from anything sweet, but avoid foodstuff that have high fructose or white sugar content. They’re not the kinds of sugar that your body would ever need. Those only increase the risk of your acquiring health-related illnesses, and could also lead you to obesity. Munch on nuts, apples and carrots instead.
  2. Move! Exercising never gets old, does it?   As you wake up in the morning, stretch those muscles out to get you all pumped up for the day. Spend at least 30 minutes daily by engaging even in light physical activities such as normal or brisk walking—just anything that could get your body moving. Or, if you’re more determined, make sure that you’re taking 10,000 steps a day. Notably, exercising makes you live four years longer!
  3. Binge not on TV. Spending the whole day in front of that wide, HD screen could only get the best of you. If you’re on some sort of TV marathon, you’re barely moving, which could eventually put your heath at risk. In a study conducted in 2010, you will be 46% nearer to death if you watched TV as often as four or more hours each day. So, turn that thing off and, maybe, do some yoga.
  4. sunBe afraid… be very afraid of the sun. Not really, but avoiding sunlight altogether could be the death of you. Too much of it would only give you wrinkles and that saggy skin you totally abhor. However sunlight is very good for your health in the right amounts, it gives you essential vitamin D which helps keep the blues away and keeps your immunity strong!
  5. Go see your doctor! Sometimes, you become overconfident that you no longer consider getting tested by a health specialist. That’s just a bad idea. The most important thing is for you to make sure that your body is free from diseases (which you can’t detect by simply looking at yourself in the mirror). Gift yourself with a colonoscopy or something. Go on regular check-ups. Again, just to make sure that your health is in awesome shape.
  6. Floss is boss. Don’t underestimate the power of an unassuming dental floss. There are harmful foreign elements that just can’t be put out by simple brushing. You got to be flossing for your dear life. It helps extinguish bacteria that have the capacity to go as far as your bloodstream and cause you heart illnesses or inflammation. Scary! Never activate your lazy bones so you could have the motivation to floss your way around after brushing your teeth. Everybody knows that it’s the only way you could do it.
  7. Too much drinking and smoking are a no-no. How many times should the word tell you this? Yes, they make you feel good. But, the real question is: Would alcohol and nicotine do you good in the long run? Hell no! self control is the key. Know when it’s already too much.
  8. Spread kindness. What’s that one feeling you get after you’ve carried out an act of generosity or compassion towards someone? You suddenly feel good, don’t you? If you don’t know it yet, hear this one out—igniting that goodness inside your heart actually makes you healthy. Talk about food for the soul!