Gut Flora Has An Impact On Your Mental Health Too

Gut Flora Has An Impact On Your Mental Health Too

The discovery of antibiotics has done wonders in the progress on modern medicine. Health professionals were so fascinated with the drug-based approach to all infections. They thought that they have totally won against the battle with infections. Good old remedies were forgotten. However, the abuse of antibiotic drugs paved the way to the increase of antibiotic resistant superbugs.

What’s worse is the effect they have on your gut flora and recent studies have shown a link between gut bacteria and depression from the overuse of antibiotics. They are in the meat that we eat and are being over prescribed by doctors.

The dependence on drug based treatment of infections also lead to compromised gastrointestinal function and different kinds of autoimmune diseases. Even just a single course of antibiotics may cause long lasting damage to the gut flora.


Drug based antibiotics should only be used for emergency situations as a last option. For trivial infections, nature provides effective alternatives. Here is a list of natural antibiotics which will treat different kinds of infections.

  1. Oregano Oil

Of the 40 available species of oregano, Origanum vulgare and Thymus capitatus are the best. Dr. Mercola listed conditions which will be treated by oregano oil.

  1. Foot or nail fungus. Drop a few teaspoons of oregano oil in a small basin with water and soak your feet. One drop of oregano oil can also be mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil and apply directly to affected area.
  2. Parasites and Infections. Mix one drop of oregano oil with a teaspoon of olive oil and apply it under your tongue. Rinse after a few minutes. Do it four times daily.
  3. Sinus Infections. Drop oregano oil in a container of steaming water and inhale the steam.
  4. Cayenne Pepper is a spice long known for its healing capacity and antibacterial effects. The spice is effective in the treatment of vulvovaginitis, an infection affecting women. It may cause burning sensation upon skin contact so it’s important to use a diluent such as olive oil. Cayenne pepper also helps relieve strep throat.
  5. Colloidal Silver is a very strong natural antibiotic recommended only for external infections like swimmer’s ear and skin infections. Ingesting colloidal silver may damage the gut’s natural flora.
  6. Concentrated grapefruit seed extract is helpful in the treatment of warts. It is also effective in the treatment of other diseases caused by gram-positive organisms.
  7. Garlic kills bacteria, fungus and viruses without harming the good bacteria in our gut. It is effective as weight control agent, antioxidant and anthelminthic. Garlic contains Vitamins B, C and minerals. The ingredient allisin found in garlic is potent antibiotic against MRSA.
  8. Researches prove that ginger contains antibacterial effects against food borne pathogens such as salmonella, listeria and campylobacter.
  9. Ronald Hoffman said that the potency of olive leaf extract as healing agent was discovered in the 1800’s for malaria. It is best known for its antipyretic effect.
  10. Turmeric is great natural remedy for Helicobacter pylori found in ulcers. Dr. Kelly Brogan even uses it for her holistic psychiatry practice.
  11. Echinacea is an herb effective against infections affecting the respiratory system. Other diseases treated by Echinacea includes UTI, vaginal yeast infections, genital herpes, septicemia, gingivitis,
  12. Manuka Honey is the best type of honey for fighting infections. According to Dr. Mercola, it has been proven that Manuka honey is effective against more than 250 types of bacteria.
  13. Pau d’ Arco is an herb highly effective for resolving Candida infections. It counteracts fungal overgrowth.

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