Some Weird Reasons For Depression And How You Can Solve It

Some Weird Reasons For Depression And How You Can Solve It

Depression is becoming more and more common and a lot of the reasons for it are often simple overlooked problems that are somewhat easy to be solved. This will post will examine some of the most common causes which will both surprise you and shock you.

Omega Oils Out Of Balance

Most of us have heard eat walnuts or take your fish oil for good health, which is true, but did you know that omega 3 – omega 6 in balance can actually cause depression? (1) Most western diets are out of balance – too much omega 6  so sorting out the balance by taking good quality fish oils or chia seeds for example is a good place to start.

Horrible people in your life

depression meme

You may have seen many variations of the meme pictured above, most people would say that it’s a meme so do not take it seriously. Unfortunately that could not be further from the truth, there is no point being around toxic people, it will only bring you down. Weather it is an abusive relationship, a horrible boss or even a family member, either get them out of your life or try and come to an amicable solution.

Hormone In balance

Food additives and chemicals such as BPA, pesticides etc. are whats known as xenoestrogens. They are not true estrogen but they behave just like estrogen in the body. Go organic and drink out of a BPA free plastic bottle, or glass, stainless steel etc.

Unrealistic Body Expectations

This goes for both men and women, many models are often attractive people to begin with but are then photo shopped to achieve a level of beauty that is un achievable to regular people, so don’t try and match these unexpected standards. With that being said you can get close, and you should always aim to not just be yourself but be your best self; go to the gym, lose some weight, try getting rid of that cellulite and overall self improvement, weather that be at your job, your personal relationships or what ever.

Poor Diet

Did you now that a lot of your seratonin is produced in your stomach? So eating well and having good digestion can play a role in your mental health. Firstly a healthy body equals a healthy mind, many do not understand this powerful correlation. Secondly if you are having digestion problems such as a food allergy than this can effect your moods. Clean up your diet with organic wholefoods and sort out any food allergy’s you may have.


If you have tried all of the above and are not having any joy that does not mean that you have to resort to pharmaceutical anti depressants. There are many natural alternatives available, just look through this site and you may find something that works for you.



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